Taken from Trivial Pursuit (card 6, Vol. 26):
Q: In the 2004 Wing Bowl, Dave “Coondog” O?Karma was disqualified for doing what after eating 102 chicken wings?
A: Vomiting
As if having his very own trivial pursuit isn’t enough, Dave’s shockingly blunt approach to the sport is as eccentric as it is entertaining. Eating competitively in some way, shape or form since the 1970’s, Dave is a living, breathing definition of the term “veteran”. Not to be outdone by any young up-and-comers, Dave firmly holds speed-eating world records in donuts, pineapples and pizza (he can consume an entire large pie in roughly 45 seconds).
Dave’s lovably incorrigible personality has been featured on countless talk shows and news specials, graced the pages of GQ magazine and Sports Illustrated, and has landed him his very own Trivial Pursuit Card...did we mention that?
When he’s not wearing the various hats involved in supporting the A.I.C.E movement, Dave spends his free time writing poetry and freelancing for the Cleveland City Newspaper. He can currently be heard on MySpace with his new band, the “Running out of Time Band”.