With five wing bowl championships under his belt (and a few new cars), this gentle giant from New Jersey is without question one of Philadelphia’s favorite sons. Although his local fame has reached nearly mythic proportions over the years, Bill prefers to shy away from the limelight when possible.
“Some days I’ll just leave my cell phone at can drive me a little crazy” he admits. Claiming he must have been a chicken hawk in a past life, Bill’s passion for poultry is something few people can truly grasp. “I could take a chicken apart and put it back together again if I had to” Bill casually states.
With training methods as intense (and bizarre) as devouring bags of frozen tootsie rolls to strengthen his jaws, it’s no wonder he “could easily bite a table in half” if the opportunity presented itself.
Having recently retired from the competitive eating game in 2009, Bill now enjoys spending quality time with his wife and daughter in Woodbury Heights, NJ, eating a somewhat healthy diet and washing his conversion van. He continues to sell his delicious all-purpose cooking sauce (soon to be featured on QVC), and his aspirations for writing have never been stronger. “I have semi-serious plans to write my first book soon”, Bill claims. I’m thinking of calling it, “Chicken Wings for the Soul”.