“This is my city. I love this city, I grew up in this city, I’m gonna die in this city...someday my ashes are gonna be spread all over this neighborhood” Hank unabashedly proclaims in the beloved streets of southwest Philadelphia.
A hometown boy in every sense of the word, Hank’s undying loyalty to the city of brotherly love sets him apart from the rest. Not in it for fame or notoriety (and not really even for the food), Hank eats simply because of the insurmountable pride he has for the place he came from..
Possessing the true spirit of the Wing Bowl, Hank is by no means a “professional”, but what he lacks in experience he makes up for a hundred times over in heart. Having lost over 100 lbs. thanks to the Atkins diet, his chances at claiming the wing bowl crown are higher than ever before.