Director's Information

Josh Camerote b. 1983
is a documentary film- maker from Philadelphia, PA. Since completing Swallow Your Pride he has
gone on to produce short documentaries for national
and local broadcast TV,
covering topics such as human
guinea pigs, roller derbies, slot car races and the east coast anarchist movement.

He currently lives in Philadelphia, PA putting in sizeable amounts of face time with his two dogs and girlfriend. He enjoys making home- made pizzas, doodling with pens and pencils, and going for bike rides. In 2009 he received a Philadelphia Stories Documentary Grant for the short The Cartoonist.

Brian J. Dwyer b. 1984
Originally from Syracuse, NY,
Brian lost over 50 lbs during the course of shooting Swallow Your Pride.
Being a fairly skinny individual beforehand, family and friends began to grow deeply concerned.
“It’s what happens when you eat a steady diet of pop-tarts and
spaghetti, and have no grocery
money for a year” he laughs.
Brian has since returned to a healthy body weight, and has no plans of eating pop-tarts or spaghetti anytime in the near future.
He currently resides in Philadelphia, PA with his fun loving wife and 9 housemates. He enjoys tending to his house plants, playing music and discussing the finer subtleties of pizza with anyone willing to lend an ear.