Dedicated, scrappy, earnest; if ever there was a man to embody such terms so fiercely, it would without question be Arnie Chapman.
Developing a very unique and memorable eating style over the years known as “the chowhound chomp”, Arnie’s furious head bobs and grunts have established him as one of competitive eating’s quirkiest and most passionate players.

Holding world eating records in chicken wings, hoagies, corned beef and even pickles, Arnie’s love for the game is almost serious as his goatee.
Being the proud founder/creative director behind the Association of Independent Competitive Eaters (A.I.C.E), he spends a considerable amount of his free time emceeing, judging and promoting dozens of eating events year round.

Although currently “semi-retired” from eating professionally, this former infantry soldier and marathon runner has been known to jump into the occasional food battle from time to time, if only to keep the rookies honest.