Swallow Your Pride A Documentary : Winging Is Everything



After losing to 99 lb. professional eater Sonya“Black Widow” Thomas in what some allege was a fix-job, New Jersey truck driver Bill “El Wingador” Simmons must decide if he’ll let a group of outside professionals keep his Philadelphia Wing Bowl crown, or if he should come out of retirement to defend his reputation, a new car and some cold hard cash.

Swallow Your Pride straps you into the back of the short bus for a hilarious, poignant, and intimately voyeuristic look at the people behind the “sport” of competitive eating. Yes, sport. From intense training to almost glamorous travel, from dirty eating politicsto shocking qualifier feats (including the ingestion of a 1 and 1/2 lb. scented candle), Swallow Your Pride pulls back the curtain on professional “gurgitating” and follows competitors on a journey to the biggest eating contest in the known universe:the Philadelphia Wingbowl. With a brand new car at stake and 30,000 screaming spectators, you’ll see firsthand how in the past decade this bizarre phenomenon has become one of the fastest growing sports on the planet.

As each competitor’s lives and families are deeply affected by the unusual path they’ve chosen, the subject of eating quickly takes a backseat to this surprisingly moving tale of redemption, glory and the importance of finding your niche in life. For better or worse, Swallow Your Pride is an honest, judgment-free portrait of the seemingly ordinary people who engage in this extraordinary pastime.

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